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We have the most advanced and amiable ChatBots on the internet. We custom conform our support bots and virtual assistants to your user needs according to specially developed algorithms. Our carefully tuned bots will have you convinced…that they are better than a human.


Messenger Bot

Our cheeky messenger chatbot’s friendly service can entertain and educate while providing guidance  to visitors on your Facebook page while enhancing click-throughs to your main site’s landing page or sale pages.

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Web Friendly Bot

The web friendly chatbot can be used on any website to interact with guests while relaying FAQ’s or education about your product from across the internet. This bot has the same functions  as the messenger bot with added reach.

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Brainy Bot

A bot like no other, Brainy ChatBot applies the special algorithms present in all of our bots along with a super computer powered personality that can handle tech support or reception duties like a real pro. The perfect employee!

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The life-work balance of a ChatBot

This subject is covered often in job-hunt manuals, articles and career advice of all types. The truth is: There is no life-work balance for a ChatBot. For them, work is life! Virtual bot assistants and tech support bots don’t need to rest. When the going gets rough they just clone themselves and keep working. Our bots don’t get tired and cranky or forget to message a friend. They always remain courteous, bright and helpful; eager to serve up a big helping of whatever it is you are looking for. Rockstar ChatBots are so enthusiastic that they may include pleasant suggestions to help you get through the day

Be Updated With Us

Since chatbots and other modern computing devices and software are still way behind humans in intelligence and creativity we need your help. The more you use our chatbots the more they learn how to get you what you are looking for. Please send us a note so we can inform you about new developments in chatbots and the science behind them. Best wishes from the Rockstar Chatbots Team!
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Our friendly chatbot is waiting to serve you! She is really excited to try out her new programming algorithm designed to cater to your needs. Ask her anything and you will be amazed by her charming ability to help.